Second annual Corpo Refresh seminar

The second annual Corpo Refresh 2018 seminar was held in the renovated conference space of the Marriott Hotel in the morning hours of Wednesday, 9 January. The corporate teams of law firms JŠK and Majerník & Miháliková led by Tomáš Doležil and Katarína Miháliková gave an interactive presentation about the most important changes in commercial and labour law in 2018 as well as news in the areas of software and cryptocurrency. Thank you to the participants for their positive feedback and we look forward to seeing you again next year!


11. 1. 2019

Corpo Refresh 2018

On Wednesday 9 January 2019 we will hold a "Corpo Refresh 2018" seminar, where we will review the most interesting and important changes in commercial and labour law in 2018. The seminar will take place at the Prague Marriott Hotel V Celnici and will be organised in cooperation with Majerník & Miháliková law firm from Bratislava.

3. 1. 2019

PF 2019

Thank you for your trust over the past year and we wish you an abundance of health, joy and success - have a good flight in 2018! Your JŠK team.

20. 12. 2018
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