Entry of a Strategic Investor into Cloud4Com

JŠK advised the shareholders of Cloud4Com in connection with the investment of KKCG through its fund Springtide Ventures into the company, a leading provider of infrastructure of an enterprise date centre as a service (IaaS) type of services to SME. The purpose of the partnership with this strong investor is maximizing the potential of the company and significant acceleration of growth primarily on the Czech market and in the CEE region.

25. 9. 2015

Discussion with Václav Bartuška

JŠK organised an informal discussion for its clients with Václav Bartuška, Czech diplomat, politician, journalist and authorized representative of the Czech Republic for energy safety. In addition to the delicious wine and food from various places of the world, the event also offered interesting views regarding the nuclear energy situation and other related issues.

24. 9. 2015

Deal announcement

JŠK has been advising the shareholders of CZC, one of the major e-commerce selling the electronic devices in connection with the investment of E-commerce Holding (indirectly Rockaway and EPH). This transaction is a landmark transaction in the e-commerce sector in the Czech Republic in 2015.

19. 8. 2015
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