In-house lawyers of the year

Association of in-house lawyers of the Czech Republic (UPP) organised the annual conference of the association on 16 April 2015. JŠK, as the main partner of UPP, participated in this event and enriched it with its contribution. Tomáš Doležil, the partner at JŠK, presented the topic related to the corporate governance of the groups of companies.

Afterwards, the conference was followed by the evening ceremony “In-house lawyers of the year for 2014” in which Tomáš co-presented awards to the winners.

17. 4. 2015

Breakfast briefing: Managing Risk in M&A Transactions

JŠK in cooperation with RSM TACOMA and AON Central and Eastern Europe hold a seminar about the Managing Risk in M&A Transactions - How the transactions have changed 6 years after Lehman Brothers bankruptcy on Wednesday 18 March 2015 in AON office on Václavské náměstí 832/19 in Prague 1.

Presenters were Tomáš Doležil (Partner at JŠK), Lubor Kunc (Global Risk Consulting at AON) and Monika Marečková (Managing Partner at RSM TACOMA).

18. 3. 2015

Press statement: 2014 Lawyer of the year

Tomáš Doležil, partner at JŠK, was named the 2014's Lawyer of the Year for Commercial Law at the 10th Anniversary Awards Ceremony of Lawyer of the Year on Friday, 30 January 2015 at the Congress Center in Prague.

3. 2. 2015
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