Corporate Governance Seminar: Management functions from a legal and tax perspective

JŠK and IB Grant Thornton Consulting held a seminar focusing on the new corporate governance and concurrence of an employment relationship and membership in the statutory bodies of the company from a legal and tax perspective, which took place on Tuesday November 11, 2014 from 8:00 am at HOLIDAY INN Prague Congress Centre, Na Pankráci 15/1684, 140 21 Prague 4.

The presenters were Tomáš Doležil, Helena Hailichová and Gabriela Magsumová. Petr Kudlák from Aon joined the speakers and discussed the relevant implications related to the insurance of the members of the statutory bodies.

11. 11. 2014

Discussion with Břetislav Tureček

JŠK organized the special meeting with Břetislav Tureček, Czech journalist, university teacher and former reporter of the Český rozhlas in the Middle East. In addition to the delicious Afghan food and wine, the discussion also offered an interesting discussion on the current situation in the Middle East and the Islamic State’s influence in the World.

5. 11. 2014

Marta Fišnerová is a co-author of an article about the legal regulation of Big Data

Big Data represents one of the most significant concepts of ICT today. Number of questions regarding their regulation is associated with this growing phenomenon. Marta Fišnerová, a senior associate at JŠK, has been dealing with this issue as a co-author of an article about the legal regulation of Big data. The article was published in the magazine IT Systems in October.

Legal regulation of Big data
30. 10. 2014
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