JŠK collaborated with Mladá fronta on its special edition on Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private Equity and Venture Capital

1. 10. 2014

Marta Fišnerová (JŠK senior associate) lectured at the Data Governance and Big Data seminar

JŠK expanded its expertise into new areas. One of them is the ICT law which was presented at the Data Governance and Big Data seminar, organized by the telecommunications operator and provider of ICT services and data centers GTS. Richard Novák, director for strategy in GTS and Marta Fišnerová, senior associate in JŠK lectured the participants about the possibilities of new technologies in the field of Big Data and their functioning in compliance with legislation.

25. 9. 2014

JŠK lawyers lectured at The Autumn seminar of Lawyers from energy companies

JŠK  participated in the Autumn seminar of energy companies lawyers organised by the Association of In-House Lawyers of the Czech Republic in the end of September. Eva Novakova and Patrik Müller lectured about Responsibility (obligation to compensate for damage) in connection with the supply of electricity.

24. 9. 2014
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