20.9.2019 10:43:28

New regulation of online intermediation services platforms

The relationship between online selling businesses and online intermediation services platforms is about to be transformed in Europe. Due to concerns about the growing power of online intermediaries like Google, the App Store,, eBay, Facebook and Instagram, the EU has recently implemented legislation to tackle this issue. Regulation 2019/1150 will come into force in July 2020 to support competition and make the online marketplace more transparent.

Online platforms will now be required to provide clear and unambiguous terms and conditions in which the following are disclosed: 1) the ranking determining the order in which search results are displayed; 2) disclosure of any preferential conditions in case an online platform is vertically integrated and offers its own goods, competing with other business users; 3) disclosure of their data policy towards users, including determination of its impact on them. Online platforms will also have to set up an internal system for handling complaints of the business users.