Why should JŠK handle your real estate?

We help our clients in all stages of their real estate projects, from acquisition to development, leasing, management or sale.

What can we do for you?

  • Preparation of complete documentation
  • Life and non-life insurance
  • Compliance projects
  • Representing clients before a financial arbitrator
  • Representing clients in claims and recourse before courts
  • Assistance in settling insurance claims
  • Advice on audits by the Czech National Bank or other authorities
  • Joint research and development agreements
  • Contract research agreements
  • Contracts (licences)
  • Registration
  • Disputes
  • Patents
  • Industrial designs
  • Trademarks
  • Domains
  • Setting up the company structure and regulating relations between shareholders
  • Negotiating the terms and conditions for the entry of investors
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, including GDPR
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Creating contractual documentation, including general terms and conditions
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP)
  • Setting up fund structures
  • Regulatory consents
  • Resolving legal relationships between funds, managers, custodians, depositories, etc.
  • Assisting in the implementation of investments regardless of legal form
  • Preparing and negotiating transaction documentation
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP)
  • Asset management structuring, including trust funds
  • Contracts – formation of associations and clubs, statutes, decision-making bodies, etc.
  • Disputes – disciplinary proceedings, arbitration courts
  • Protection of an athlete's personality
  • Intellectual property law in sport
  • Acquisitions, transfers
  • Licensing proceedings
  • Doping
  • Analysis and opinions
  • Dawn raids
  • Business mergers
  • Cartel law
  • State aid
  • Structuring family assets
  • Inheritance contracts and wills
  • Succession planning
  • Inheritance administration
  • Preparation and negotiation of employment documentation, including regulations
  • Collective negotiation
  • Hiring & firing, including mass dismissals
  • Representation in labour law litigation
  • Regulatory issues, including data protection
  • Handling compensation for damages
  • Ensuring the transition of employees when an employer's business is transferred
  • PPP (Public Private Partnership) contracts
  • Financing
  • Regulation
  • Disputes
  • Contracts
  • Acquisitions
  • EFET contracts
  • Gas storage and distribution
  • Electricity trading
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Ensuring supplies
  • Property rights
  • Choosing and setting the most suitable sales strategy
  • Analysis of selected online models
  • Risk assessment
  • Help with implementation
  • Setting up relations with business partners, including negotiating terms
  • Dealing with government authorities
  • Sector regulations
  • Interpretive opinions
  • Implementation projects regardless of size
  • Gap analyses (identification and assessment of risks and proposals for mitigation solutions)
  • Advice on distribution, product setup, prudential AML and GDPR requirements
  • Disputes arising from contracts for work
  • Complaints and claims for performance defects
  • Compensation disputes
  • Personal injury and non-pecuniary damage
  • Operational liability
  • Labour disputes
  • Liability of corporate bodies
  • Disputes with intermediaries, including settlement of claims for special remuneration
  • Claims in international transport
  • Recourse against subcontractors
  • Negotiation of settlements
  • Term sheets
  • Due diligence
  • Structuring
  • Representation of the lender or the borrower
  • Project and portfolio financing
  • Refinancing
  • Subordinated loans
  • Intra-group financing
  • Cash pooling
  • Credit agreements
  • Negotiations
  • Collateral documentation
  • Legal opinions
  • Receipts
  • Pay-off letters
  • Corporate consents and related documentation
  • Escrow account agreements
  • Performing collateral
  • Verification of the legal status of the property
  • Proposal of the most suitable structure for the acquisition of the property
  • Preparation and negotiation of acquisition documentation
  • Preparation of shareholder and similar agreements between the various partners involved in the project
  • Cooperation in the selection of external financing for the acquisition or development
  • Negotiation of financing documentation and compliance with conditions precedent to drawdown
  • Assistance in obtaining the relevant permits for the construction, redevelopment or use of the property
  • Contracts for work with contractors
  • Assisting in the resolution of defects and insurance claims
  • Contracts for the operation and management of the property
  • Lease agreements
  • Contracts for the sale of the property or the units therein
  • Sale and purchase of companies, including legal due diligence
  • Transfers of company enterprises or assets
  • Preparation and negotiation of transaction documentation, including settlement of transactions
  • Succession in family businesses
  • Setting up relations between shareholders
  • Structuring

Why work with JŠK?

We regularly help the biggest real estate developers and investors in the Czech Republic, as well as smaller companies that are just starting out in the real estate business, and we can adjust our services according to their specific needs.

Who have we already helped?

Assisting Finep in the construction, financing, leasing and sale of individual parts of the Západní město project in Stodůlky. We helped them to lease the Lanna Palace where they have their headquarters and to sell their first block of flats in Barrandov. We have also worked with them on other small and large real estate projects
Karlín Group
Assisting the Karlín Group in setting up a successful joint venture with a German student house operator to build a short-term accommodation building, the Student House Prague's Holešovice district. We helped them to establish and participate in a joint venture with the Prague Public Transit Co to revitalise the Holešovice Railway Station area
Advising Contera on the purchase of a logistics centre in Říčany near Prague and the lease of offices in Ostrava. We drew up a model lease agreement for them for the lease of office premises and regularly advise them on negotiating contracts for work. We represent them in handling objections to zoning plans in the areas of their activities and in subsequent administrative and court proceedings
Ungelt Partners
Legal services to a group of private investors during various large and small real estate transactions, including the acquisition and subsequent sale of an office building in Letná, the acquisition of projects in Liberec and Prague's Libeň district, and a contract for the reconstruction of a building in the centre of Prague
Catalyst Capital
Preparation of the acquisition of a shopping centre in Olomouc for an international fund

Who will take care of you?

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