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Why JŠK deal with your restructuring and insolvency?

Life – and especially business life – is not just made up of sunny days. If it rains, you need to have the right kind of umbrella.
Credit risk is ever-present in commercial transactions. While it can't be avoided, you can prepare for it. And if it does arise, you can respond to it legally in a way that limits its impact rather than making things worse.

Why work with JŠK?

At JŠK we are qualified to help you with both prevention in credit risk management, and with the protection and enforcement of your rights if your counterparty goes bankrupt or is on the brink of bankruptcy; whether in an informal, multilateral restructuring negotiation or in a formal insolvency process. You will be provided with restructuring and insolvency advice by our team led by Tomáš Richter, an associate professor in commercial law and a leading specialist in corporate insolvency.

Who have we already helped?

Creditors of Arca Investment in the association AVEA
Representation in Arca Investments' cross-border insolvency proceedings of the largest group of bill creditors joined together in the AVEA association (the total amount of our clients' established claims exceeds CZK 3.5 billion), and of one of their members in the creditors' committee in the Czech (main) insolvency proceedings of Arca Investments
Cross-border syndicate of German and Czech banks in the restructuring of a debtor in the automotive sector
Legal services to a cross-border syndicate of German and Czech banks during the informal restructuring of an international industrial group supplying the automotive sector
Lessor of a transport aircraft in connection with the restructuring of an air carrier
Advice to the lessor of a transport aircraft in connection with the moratorium and informal restructuring of an air carrier

Who will take care of you?

Tomáš Richter
+420 226 227 644
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+420 226 227 611