We will help you win arbitration disputes

We have a double advantage, as we have been on the side of clients in national and international arbitration proceedings but also have qualified arbitrators on our team. With their collective experience we are better able to form a strategy for each dispute.

Why work with JŠK?

Our arbitrators have strict ethical standards
Our arbitrators meet high criteria of expertise and professionalism. In many respects their ethical standards for accepting disputes are stricter than the rules set by the International Bar Association (IBA). For example, unlike the IBA rules, they are only allowed to accept two appointments from the same party within a three-year period. JŠK is also one of the few firms in the Czech Republic whose liability insurance also covers arbitration activities.
We know that a lot is at stake. That’s why you will appreciate our expertise all the more.
Arbitration proceedings have a completely different dynamic than court proceedings. We are well aware of this and adapt the content and form of our arguments accordingly. Whereas you cannot choose a judge, you can choose an arbitrator. And it is the choice of arbitrator that has a major impact on the course of each proceeding, and especially on its result. That is why we pay a lot of attention to their screening and selection.
We also handle domain disputes
Hana Císlerová, one of our lawyers and specialist on intellectual property law, is also one of the few arbitrators for international domain name disputes.

Who have we already helped?

Arbitration proceedings are private and so we cannot share the names of parties or clients here. However, we can say that the total value of the disputes we have resolved so far exceeds a billion euros.

Who will take care of you?

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Hana Císlerová
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